Unique Advent Calendar Filler Ideas For Kids 2020

It’s that time of year again, where we prepare our hearts for Christmas by observing Advent. It’s especially exciting for kids. Counting down the days towards Christmas Eve by unlocking a surprise everyday for 24 days.

It wasn’t something I did back in Malaysia, doing a Christmas countdown with an Advent calendar. Well, I’m not sure it’s even a thing there. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

But when I got here (Austria), and celebrated my first Christmas with a child, I realized how interesting the whole concept of Advent is. Just the look on my girls’ faces every morning when they open a bag, brings me joy. And as years gone by, I found it’s not all about the chocolates and candies. I want to create something they will remember, like a family tradition.

All right, I have to admit, there will be some chocolates here and there. I mean, what’s Christmas without chocolate and hot cocoa, right. There’ll also be a few small trinkets and snacks, but it’s more of doing things together as a family, being grateful, and do something nice for others as well.

Due to Covid-19, we might not be able to visit the Advent Markets, which we always do – enjoying the Christmas lights, eating at the Advent stalls and drinking Glühwein. Or watching my daughter dance the yearly Nutcracker Ballet, or even the Krampuslauf. It’s pretty much what we do as a family every year without fail. In fact, we planned to spend Christmas in Malaysia this year, and that’s not happening either.

But hey, there are still many ways to make the 24 Advent days exciting and memorable. So, I thought I’ll share with you what’s in my daughters’ Advent boxes this year in a short, sweet, and simple way.

Some of the contents my girls are receiving will be the same, and some are more related for my eldest who’s 9 and my youngest, 3.

Three Year Old’s Advent Box

I made this simple Advent’s box last year when my daughter could understand a little bit about counting down to Christmas. I got a simple wooden box and did her name and stars by using just felt stickers.

Here’s a list of the 24 items I’ve inserted in my 3 year old’s Advent box. As you can see, the last bag is different than the rest. That’s because I found a bag missing in the pack, so I just had to come up with one. You realized the items may repeat twice, and that’s just OK because firstly, there’s a lockdown as I’m writing this now. Secondly, I know my youngest are just as happy receiving her favourite snacks twice.

Those, little cards you’ll see are letters from ‘Elfi’, which is something I made up throughout the years. Whereby, the girls will do activities according to what ‘he’ says. It’s nice to know they actually look forward to his letters and enjoy reading and doing them.

  1. Decorate the tree & chocolate
  2. Cute pen
  3. Mini Playdoh
  4. Christmas movie night with family & popcorn
  5. Read a Christmas book & place boots outside the door to see if St.Nicholas will bring her nice things.
  6. Bake Christmas cookies / cake & light the 2nd Advent candle
  7. Fruit / veggie pouch
  8. Stickers
  9. Mini salami sticks
  10. Lip balm
  11. Colour pencil
  12. Draw something nice on the sidewalk & fruit chips
  13. Mini Playdoh
  14. Small toy
  15. Bubble bath pack
  16. Fruit / veggie pouch
  17. Video call grandparents in Malaysia & chocolate
  18. Movie night snuggle with family & popcorn
  19. Small toy
  20. Bake Christmas cookies / cake & mini salami sticks
  21. Pack of pistachio
  22. Surprise pack from Schleich
  23. Draw a picture for a friend & fruit chips
  24. Christmas Eve letter & chocolate

Nine Year Old’s Advent Box

This box was made a few years ago and it’s so simple to do. Again, find a wooden box and with an alphabet and motived stencils, fill the spaces with permanent markers. And voilà! A sweet and simple Advent’s box.

For my 9 year old daughter, there are days where it’s just a letter from ‘Elfi’ telling her what to do. I believe kids should not only be receiving, but also learn how to give. Besides, she loves receiving these letters and keeps all of them in a treasure box.

  1. Decorate the tree & chocolate
  2. Cute pen
  3. Glitter glue
  4. Watch a Christmas movie together with family & popcorn
  5. Read a Christmas book and place boots at the front door, waiting if St.Nicholas will fill them up.
  6. Bake Christmas cookies / cake & light the 2nd Advent candle
  7. Notepad
  8. Stickers
  9. Chocolate sticks
  10. Lip balm
  11. Make a Christmas ornament for the tree & glitter glue
  12. Write nice chalk messages on the sidewalk
  13. Mini butter cookies
  14. Small toy
  15. Send a Birthday voice message to her cousin in Malaysia & bubble bath
  16. Cereal bar
  17. Video call her grandparents in Malaysia & chocolate
  18. An act of gratitude towards her piano teacher & pack of tissue paper
  19. Moonstones
  20. Bake Christmas cookies / cake & eraser
  21. An act of gratitude towards her ballet teacher & ballpoint pen
  22. Pistachio
  23. An act of gratitude towards her class teacher
  24. Christmas Eve letter & chocolate

You must be wondering why does St.Nicholas visits on the 5th December. St.Nicholas is a feast celebrated on the 6th December across Europe to mark his kindness and generosity. Where children place their boots outside of the house and hoping it will be filled with lots of goodies and presents. As a tradition passed from my husband’s family, other than small gifts, the must-haves are peanuts, oranges, and chocolates. And we always celebrate feasts on the Eve, hence the 5th December.

I hope these ideas will help you in creating a fun Advent’s countdown with your kids in preparation for Christmas. If you’d like more Advent filler ideas, please visit here.

Merry Christmas!


  • Park shin hye

    What would you like to give to your parents. I mean ,I wanna give chrismas gift for my parents which around 70th years old. Would you like to give advice or idea for what should I give to them?.

    • Beverlogue

      Hi Park Shin Hye!
      If you would like my ideas for your parents who are around 70 years old, I would say, being PRESENT. Nothing beats spending time with the elderly because they’ve already got everything. I know my parents would very much like to see their grandkids and kids in Austria but due to Covid-19, we’ll all just have to make do with video calls. However, if you’re thinking of getting something, I’m always into personalized gifts for parents because anything MADE for them, always touches their hearts and reminds them of the people they love. We’ve given photo books, DIY pillow case, photo frames, mugs, arts and crafts from the kids, and it’s always a hit with my parents. Oh, if your mother is into jewellery, there are many affordable personalized jewellery available in the market whether it’s engraved, birth stones attached, family tree pendant, etc, which makes a perfect gift for any mother. I hope this helps! 🙂

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