Summer English Camps For Kids In Graz

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“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” / “Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

The many benefits of learning languages are undeniable. As the world globalizes, being bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual is beyond doubt. Learning languages open a world of many opportunities, whether it’s professional, personal, or just to communicate with a vast of people; it’s endless.

When’s the best time to start, than in children. Research has shown that children learn languages faster, with fewer obstacles. There are various demonstrative studies, which has shown that learning languages improves the brain’s administrative function, i.e. concentration, multitasking, problem solving, divergent thinking, and planning.

We all know how the long Summer break can be for kids. They get so excited in the beginning, and then boredom starts to creep in. And as far as my kid goes, she’s looking forward to go back to school.

So, for those who are residing in Graz and wanting to prevent the lethargy in your kids, I’ve compiled a list of English Camps for them to look forward to, in and the outskirts of Graz.

It doesn’t matter if they are looking to improve their English or they’re already good in the language. These Camps are a great place for kids to have fun, make new friends, be independent, learn what it takes to be a team player, and just let loose.

These Camps are designed for kids from the ages of 8 till 15 years and being taught and guided by native English speakers.

1. GIBS Summer School

GIBS (Graz International Bilingual School) organizes an entertaining camp for young kids between the ages of 8-11 years every year. My daughter attended their Summer Camp, which ended last week, two years in a row and she had lots of fun, mingling with kids from America, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Asia, and Europe.

The Camp covers subjects from History, Geography, Science, Biology, Sports, Music, Theater, Arts, and crafts. It may sound like the Camp comprises just in the classroom but they’re not. According to my daughter, they’re outside most of the time doing fun activities, games, and sports. They even go for hikes in the forest led by a Biologist, learning and discussing nature. On the last day of the Camp, the kids are given the opportunity to present a performance in a Talent Show.

More information could be found on their website at

2. Berlitz Kids & Teens Camp

Berlitz is known for their language programmes among kids and adults. From group classes, private tuition, learn online, study abroad, proficiency exams, right up to business language trainings and seminars. However, they do organize camps for kids and teens every year across Austria.

What’s interesting about the Berlitz Camp is they cater their camps in correlation with your interests in an activity. For example, if you’re into horseback riding, you could choose their Horse Whisperer Camp or Saddle-Up Camp, which encompasses around the ins and outs of horses. How fantastic is that! You get to learn English, learn about horses, care for them, and ride on them everyday.

They have various themed English Camps available :

  • Golf and Tennis
  • Soccer and American Football
  • Acting, Filming, and Music
  • Mountain Bike Camp for the Pedal-Devils
  • Triathlon Camp for Sport-Cracks (Swim, Run, Bike, and Race!)
  • Martial Arts Camp
  • Outdoor Thrill and Adrenaline Camp for nature and adventure freaks
  • Watersports Camp (Sailing, Surfing, Kayaking, Paddling or just a mixture of water sports)
  • Horseback Riding
  • Climbing Camp for the climbers
  • Survival Camp in the forest
  • and many more…

You could have a look at their catalogue here for Camp locations in Graz as they might vary every year. Or check out their website at (in English) or (in German).

3. Lilac English Language Camp

LILAC (Living Language Company) is a company providing English Project for classes in schools, translation services, workshops, and language camps. Aimed for kids between 10-15 years or those preparing for their Matura (school leaving examination). It’s more of an intensive course for older kids.

The duration of the camp is a week and takes place in Semriach bei Graz, about 45 minutes drive from Graz. Again, not only it’s a place for you to improve your English, you’ll be meeting international friends with lots of fun and sports.

More information can be found at

“The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.”

Jonathan Culver

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