Latest book, ‘My Infinite Shine’, is out now!

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And why I’ve not been blogging…

I know it’s been a long, long time since I last posted. In the beginning, I was swamped – busy with my kids, school exams, piano competitions, extracurricular activities, finishing my book and getting it published, you name it. Then, when I did have some time, I was exhausted physically and mentally.

In the beginning, I wanted to take just a month off, then it became two months, which eventually dragged on to eight months of not posting a single blog. Perhaps I got lost in the realm of writing and publishing and plausibly lost interest in blogging. It’s not like I had nothing to say. I do. But the key was to say something of relevance to you. And the funny part was, whenever I switched on my computer and placed my fingers on the keyboard, there I was, sitting on my chair staring at a blank screen, not even knowing how to start with the first word; what more of a sentence. Then, the next thing that happened, I would either browse the internet, work on my unfinished book (it’s finished now, though), or crochet (my newfound interest).

Before I forget to mention, I only write at night because I’m the favourite go-to person for everyone in this household during the day, which means I don’t really have the time until the kids are asleep.  

And on another side note, I did have the urge to revamp the blog into an author’s website after publishing my first book. I was afraid I didn’t have the time to simultaneously concentrate on my books and blog. However, I was told to think twice. The main reason Beverlogue was created in the first place was to vent my thoughts, ideas, and experiences as a Malaysian mother living in a foreign land. A creative outlet to get things out of my chest. I may have nothing to blog about besides promoting and penning down everything around my books at the moment. But I do have pieces of paper tugged away, scribbled with ideas besides my books.

Anyway, let’s get on to the main part. As the title already suggests, since I’ve written down why I’ve not been blogging, allow me to introduce my new book to you, which I’m so excited about. After months of work, tweaking things around trying to make it perfect, I’m happy to announce my second book, ‘My Infinite Shine’, is finally out for purchase on Amazon as a paperback and e-book.

Though both books are my babies, this particular book is personal as it was written with a heartfelt nature as a parent, which I believe all parents could relate to.

Let me tell you a story, and I’ll try my best to keep it short. There was a time I was trying to be the best parent for my children and realized it was a trivial quest and how toxic my need for perfection had become. I would dive into the nitty and gritty in raising my child and get all moody and grouchy if it didn’t go as planned. Don’t you think we parents sometimes shame ourselves when we fall short? Parents can be really hard on themselves.

When my second daughter was born, I tried to move away from perfect parenting and more toward positive parenting. At that moment, I was still trying to be perfect in most of what I did.

Then, last year happened. My eldest daughter celebrated her double-digit birthday, and I entered my fifth decade of life. Here’s the thing, I’m not old neither do I feel like one. As I reflected on what I’ve done so far with my life while watching my two girls playing and giggling, I can’t believe how much they’ve grown and developed. Where did the time go? Time feels so different once you’re a parent. The days with little ones or even the big ones often seem long with the daily monotonous routine. Yet, as every birthday passes, the years seem to be dashing by at lightning speed. Suddenly, it feels like your moment on earth is so brief.

Hence, ‘My Infinite Shine’ sums up my written love for my children – yesterday, today, and tomorrow, which I believe any parent could relate to.

Lastly, it’s dear to me because the illustrations in this book were somewhat done by my daughter, including the cover! It also represents the people I love, items they own, and their artwork. I hope it will also be dear to the hearts of many young and mature Readers!

Both books, ‘Dury Durian, A Fruit So Unpleasantly Sweet’ and ‘My Infinite Shine, Writings From A Mother’s Love’, can be found on Amazon across all marketplaces. For those living in Malaysia or in Asia, Dury Durian’ could be purchased either through me or email at [email protected].

Happy Reading!

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