REVIEW: Miss Fong Mini Diaper Backpack

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There was a time I was lugging around a big diaper backpack to fit bottles, formula, thermos, diapers, extra clothes (in case a poop-explosion happens), burp cloth, and the list just goes on and on. Then Little E turned 1 and I don’t need all those extra stuff anymore. I didn’t want to run errands or be away for 2-3 hours and still carry a big-almost-empty diaper bag. I needed something smaller but still does the job.

When I first laid eyes on the mini Fawn, I knew I had to get it. It looks classy, like your everyday purse. Unfortunately, it is not sold here, neither it’s being sold on I went on the internet for days searching for one. After awhile I thought to myself, maybe it was for the better after seeing how much it costs. I didn’t have to justify the price to my husband :-).

Then, I stumbled upon Miss Fong bags on Amazon. Boy, was I delighted to find something which looks like the Fawn. When I saw the price, I got theIt’s been a year since I’ve used this bag and it’s still going strong. I have to admit, I thought this bag was a cheap duplicate of Fawn and will not last. But it did. And to me, once a bag has gone through lots of nasty abuse, and withstand the 4 seasons, it is worth every penny.

The best part about the diaper bag is :

  • The fact that I can use it as a backpack, messenger bag or hand bag (I use it as a grab-and-go), is great.
  • It’s beautiful and functional, and doesn’t scream “nappy bag”.
  • The whole material of the bag is soft which makes carrying comfortable.
  • The zippers are soft (though I did experience splitting and somehow it resolved by itself).
  • Various pockets + 1 insulated pocket.
  • Love the key-ring holder. I don’t have to go digging my bag searching and panicking if I’ve lost my keys!
  • It’s lightweight. I’ve owned diaper bags where it just wears you down even when it’s emptied.
  • Not only for moms. Even little kids can use this bag for outings, dance classes, etc.
  • The back slit-pocket is good for storing wet-wipes or tissues for easy access.
  • Comes with a dust bag.

Handbag / Grab-and-Go strap

Soft backpack strap with back slit-pocket

Messenger bag option

2 side-pockets + 1 front-pocket with attached zippers on all 3 pockets

3 mesh pockets + 2 zipper pockets + 1 insulated pocket

Here is how it looks like inside.

This is pretty much how I organize my bag on an everyday basis i.e. water bottle, pouch of assorted snacks, keys (hooked on a key-ring), shopping bag (trying to reduce plastic / paper bag usage), sweater for my toddler, phone, daily organizer, pen and purse. With this said, there’s still room for other stuff.

A few mini books for my toddler which fits nicely in the front pocket. You’ll never know when you need to keep them calm and occupied.

I’ve got my Dr. Bronner’s lavender hand sanitizer which is always kept in the side pocket.

I find the back-slit pocket very functional for keeping wet-wipes accessible at all times and fast.

Update: I’m still using it on a daily basis after 2 years and the Miss Fong Mini Backpack looks just like brand new. Who knows, I might get a grey one next! 🙂

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