Best English Books For Bilingual Kids

    My kids are bilingual – truly bilingual. You must be thinking, “Hey, most of us could speak more than one language. What’s the difference?” You’re right. We’re all bilingual or multilingual in one way or another.

    What I mean by truly bilingual is they are not spoken or taught one language at a time at home. But simultaneously (English and German) since they were born. I myself speak four languages, but I learned them throughout my life and I still do. However, I was brought up speaking only English.


    REVIEW: Miss Fong Mini Diaper Backpack

    There was a time I was lugging around a big diaper backpack to fit bottles, formula, thermos, diapers, extra clothes (in case a poop-explosion happens), burp cloth, and the list just goes on and on. Then Little E turned 1 and I don’t need all those extra stuff anymore. I didn’t want to run errands or be away for 2-3 hours and still carry a big-almost-empty diaper bag. I needed something smaller but still does the job.