Fun Independent Play For Toddlers

    A toddler’s age is such a delightful stage. It’s a time for learning and discovering; cognitively, emotionally and socially. And I, as a mother, would love to spend all of my time helping my toddler develop. However, we all do not have THAT kind of time to do so. We’re all busy parents here. And hey, even SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mums)! So, here are a list of activities, approved by my toddler. And when I say ‘approved’, I meant she ACTUALLY asks me to set-up the activity for her or she grabs them by herself and starts playing.


    Advent Calendar Filler Ideas For Kids (Ages 6-9)

    It’s that time of year again where I’ll have to fill my children’s Advent box. Sure, I could just buy Advent calendars from the store to make my life easier. But they’re just not the same. To me, it’s not just about chocolates or little toys in those little windows. It’s also about doing things and spending time together as a family during Advent.


    Birthday Gift Ideas For 2 Year Olds

    I’ve been wondering for weeks what to get for my soon to be 2 year old. The fact that she has an older sister (who has pretty much everything) made the task challenging. I needed to think of gifts that are different and matches her interests. Something where she could work on her fine motor skills, develop a new skill or sparks her imagination. And lastly, without spending too much.


    10 Ways To Celebrate A Toddler’s Birthday (Without A Party)

    Birthday parties – Aaarghh! Not that I don’t like celebrating my kids’ birthdays, I do! But the whole concept of party planning and organizing, who to invite, types of food to serve, presentation, games, party favors, etc is just exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done parties before for my eldest. Weeks or even months before, I’ll be browsing through the internet and Pinterest searching for ideas. Then I’ll be printing, cutting, coloring, pasting, stringing, etc at night, just because the shops do not sell party decor for the theme she chose.