Easy DIY Play Dough Travel Kit With Loose Parts

    We recently took a short trip, and I decided to create a new travel kit for my kids. Making your own travel kits shouldn’t be difficult. And as a mother of two, I know time is of essence. Therefore, the DIY kits I create are simple, swift, and savvy. Best of all, since the materials could always be reused to make other interesting travel activities, that’s a thumbs up to savings!


    Easy DIY LEGO Travel Kit

    Summer break is almost here. That means there’ll be lots of travelling. And if you’ve got little Lego enthusiasts in the house, this is a must-have travel kit. My girls were thrilled and wanted to play with it as soon as they saw it. It keeps them occupied during road trips (even in the car), flights, in restaurants, hotel rooms, waiting at the doctor’s office, basically just everywhere!


    Best Toddler Airplane Activity Kit

    I’ve been doing solo flights between Austria and Malaysia since my eldest was 9 months old. And have been doing it every year, sometimes twice a year. It’s a 1 hour transit flight to Germany and then a 12 hour flight to Malaysia. Now, my eldest is 8 years and my toddler is 20 months old. After going through numerous flights with toys and activities, some was unnecessary and some not, and considering the extra carry-on, I’ve come up with the best airplane toys for toddlers.