What It’s Like Raising Bilingual Kids | From A Mother’s Experience

    It wasn’t something we planned to do. I wasn’t even thinking about the word bilingual and the whole concept of ‘bilingualism’. It just happened. My husband is an Austrian, so he speaks German. And I’m a Malaysian, brought up speaking English at home. And if you do not know about Malaysia, we are a melting pot of various races and therefore, we speak different languages. With that being said, we understand each other very well and even able to speak each other’s language. As for me, I speak English, Malay, Chinese (very basic), and of course German as I’m currently living in Austria.


    Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls – Tested & Approved

    Now that they’ve entered the early tween stages, shopping for gifts can be a challenge. She’s no longer that little girl but also not quite your teenager. She’s in between. This is the time where she explores and discovers new interests. Wanting to do things independently, but not totally. She wants her privacy at times, but still needs her parents very much.


    Baked Avocado Chips

    A 5-Ingredient, 5-Step Recipe

    When my daughters were starting solids, they ate whatever I gave them, including avocados. Then, they became toddlers and eventually kids. With a mind of their own, they’ve decided that avocados are ‘yucky’. We all know that avocados provide healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, which I’m not going to dwell into the nutrition breakdown. And like all mothers out there, we try our best to give our kids the best when it comes to nutrition.


    Advent Calendar Filler Ideas For Kids (Ages 6-9)

    It’s that time of year again where I’ll have to fill my children’s Advent box. Sure, I could just buy Advent calendars from the store to make my life easier. But they’re just not the same. To me, it’s not just about chocolates or little toys in those little windows. It’s also about doing things and spending time together as a family during Advent.


    Birthday Gift Ideas For 2 Year Olds

    I’ve been wondering for weeks what to get for my soon to be 2 year old. The fact that she has an older sister (who has pretty much everything) made the task challenging. I needed to think of gifts that are different and matches her interests. Something where she could work on her fine motor skills, develop a new skill or sparks her imagination. And lastly, without spending too much.