Easy DIY Play Dough Travel Kit With Loose Parts

    We recently took a short trip, and I decided to create a new travel kit for my kids. Making your own travel kits shouldn’t be difficult. And as a mother of two, I know time is of essence. Therefore, the DIY kits I create are simple, swift, and savvy. Best of all, since the materials could always be reused to make other interesting travel activities, that’s a thumbs up to savings!


    Best English Books For Bilingual Kids

    My kids are bilingual – truly bilingual. You must be thinking, “Hey, most of us could speak more than one language. What’s the difference?” You’re right. We’re all bilingual or multilingual in one way or another.

    What I mean by truly bilingual is they are not spoken or taught one language at a time at home. But simultaneously (English and German) since they were born. I myself speak four languages, but I learned them throughout my life and I still do. However, I was brought up speaking only English.


    Summer English Camps For Kids In Graz

    “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” / “Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.”

    Ludwig Wittgenstein

    The many benefits of learning languages are undeniable. As the world globalizes, being bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual is beyond doubt. Learning languages open a world of many opportunities, whether it’s professional, personal, or just to communicate with a vast of people; it’s endless.


    Summer Holiday Chore Chart | Tween Edition

    THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS – It’s every kid’s favourite time of the year. A time where they’re allowed to sleep late, sleep in, play the whole day, and sit in front of their screens. Although I allow them to have that downtime and let loose during the holidays, that doesn’t mean they can stuck their heads on their tablets and glue their faces in front of the TV the whole day. Therefore, some normalcy is needed to prevent the forthcoming lazy days.