Birthday Gift Ideas For 2 Year Olds

I’ve been wondering for weeks what to get for my soon to be 2 year old. The fact that she has an older sister (who has pretty much everything) made the task challenging. I needed to think of gifts that are different and matches her interests. Something where she could work on her fine motor skills, develop a new skill or sparks her imagination. And lastly, without spending too much.

So here are a list of things I’ve got for her 2nd birthday. They’re not extravagant and not too many. The fact that Christmas is coming, I have to balance the amount of presents to give. Anyway, I hope she’ll like it when she opens them tomorrow.

1. Coloring Book

My toddler loves to color and one of her favorite character is Bobo Siebenschläfer. You can never go wrong with a coloring book or two.

2. Scribble & Sound Doodle Board

A trace and learn with Peppa to help toddlers practice writing letters and drawing shapes. It’s an electronic clipboard with four learning activities and a variety of playful melodies. Included are three stencils paired with drawing-recognition technology to introduce letters, phonics, shapes and early writing skills.

3. Books

Another gift you can never go wrong with, a book. Since my toddler is also all about Peppa Pig, this should be a hit.

4. Puzzles

I’ve got a puzzle meant for her age to help develop skills such as shape recognition, patience, concentration and sense of accomplishment. It also teaches the concept of a ‘whole’ and that each piece is a fraction of a bigger picture.

5. Games / Board Games

I think the best age to introduce games is two. They understanding and grasping of things are better now. This particular game I got, was one of my childhood favorites. And I think not only my toddler will have fun playing it but also my eldest.

6. Cash Register

I’ve browsed through so many toy cash registers and they are made mainly out of plastic. It just feels light and cheap. Since I’m a fan of wooden toys, the Duktig cash register from IKEA was the best choice.

7. Something Personalized

And lastly, something personalized. It adds that little extra specialness and uniqueness in gift giving. I got a personalised pillow for my eldest’s birthday and she loves it. I had to get one for my youngest too.

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