Hello! I’m B.J. Seow and welcome to Beverlogue, a collection of my musings about life as a mum, wife, optimist and everything in between. I celebrate the joys of motherhood, a fun and relaxing travel, good food and good wine. Yes, wine. To keep my sanity intact at the end of the day. 🙂

I’m a Malaysian mother to two beautiful girls. Since 2010, I’ve been living in Austria and it has changed me as a whole. Believe me, it REALLY did. Imagine, expecting a baby in a country whose language you don’t speak (back then) and having to drive on the opposite side of the Autobahn in snowy conditions. Let’s not forget my amazing husband; who was at times away on business trips and our families are either 9,463km across the ocean or 257km by road. So you see, it wasn’t really a walk in the park. Or as I would say it, running down the Austrian alps with your arms streched-out like ‘The Sound of Music’.

Therefore, I was constantly on the internet for everything, from tips and tricks to doubts and queries in raising kids. And for years I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog to jot down my experiences as a way of getting things out of my chest. That was how Beverlogue came about, as a creative outlet to share my life as a mother in a foreign land, raising bilingual kids, easy DIYs, simple recipes, favourite brands/things, travel hacks, including tips and inspiration.

Then, came COVID-19. We couldn’t travel like we used to. The main reason for our yearly vacations to Malaysia was to visit families, but it was also a way to keep my children abreast of Malaysian cultures, traditions, celebrations, languages, cuisines, and etc. That’s when I decided, to write a children’s picture book (or books in the future) with elements of Malaysia in it.

I hope you’ll stick around as I would be sharing my journey publishing my first children’s book. And by signing up to the newsletter, you’ll receive updates and exclusive offers directly in your inbox!

If you’ve stumbled upon this little space of mine and DID spend a few minutes reading it, I would like to say –

                          Thank You!                                                                                                       

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